"VARAS" enemy emits high pitched, ear-piercing noise.

The VARAS enemy, when enraged, emits an extremely high-pitched noise. This noise is so high pitched that it's ear-piercing and painful to listen to, leading to me not to want to fight the enemy at all. While not technically a bug, this is very painful to listen to, and I hope this gets reconsidered, especially as the sound is within the frequency range that it might trigger a seizure from someone with auditory epilepsy.

I haven't noticed it personally, though you might want to mention what your sound setup is too. I've heard this game is acting really bizarre with things like 5.1 surround systems, it's sending all kinds of stuff to the wrong speaker channels >.<

@Drex It happens on headphones for sure, but these are just a standard 2.1 set. I've also pointed it out to other people who have heard it on speakers, earbuds, and otherwise.