I've been having issues taking screenshots. Has anyone else had this, or a similar issue on their respective Xbox consoles? Did SEGA remove the ability to take in game screenshots for some ungodly reason? I know 2K did this when they made their Bioshock collection, during their remaster. They either never added the functionality on accident, or purposefully avoided putting it in, and it's the only other game I've run into this issue with. I had zero issues with taking screenshots all of last week, and even yesterday, but today I log in, and decide I want to screenshot the outfit I just got via the SG scratch, and I can't.

Edit: A Google search of the error code lead me to this. 20210616_104121.jpg

I can screenshot the title screen, but the game itself is blocking the ability after I log in.

Edit2: So as it turns out, Microsoft was to blame here. Apparently they added in an update to the console at some point, that removes the option to capture screenshots, if your live account has too many uploaded to it. Leaving this here in case someone has the same issue, and needs answers.