Please let us sit in the chairs in the Central town

Seriously we have all these chairs and we can't sit on them properly without emotes! I imagine a lot of roleplayers would love to use the bar area.

I would love it if this feature was put in the game. I really like the little bar area in Central City. It would be nice if we could hang out there without everyone just standing.

I'd really like to be able to sit at them too, as well as at those little campsites you can find around the world.

it's weird that we can't sit in them seeing as we can basically sit in any chair in the original pso2

The old reason we still can't sit in any chair in PSO2 is due to server strain, and additional lag. Prolly not going to change, seeing how we struggled with lag issues.

I would like to have the ability to sit in the chairs. The old PSO2 did it so why not here 🙂