So New Player Here..

I just started this game and was immediately confused. Do classes like Bouncer and Summoner unlock later in the game or am I missing something at character creation to select though classes?

@A-Wild-Brandon For NGS, only Hunter, Fighter, Ranger, Gunner, Force, and Techter are available; Braver, Bouncer, Summoner, and an unnamed Gunblade class will be released later on (according to the current Roadmap, Braver will be out in August, Bouncer some time in the Fall, Summoner in Spring 2022 at the earliest, and the Gunblade class some time after that).

For PSO2classic, you can select any of its available 9 classes (with 4 others being unlocked once you level two classes to level 75) once you get to the point in NGS where you you can switch over to it.

Okay cool, thank you for the clarification.