How many of us watched Episode Oracle before Beta?

The Episode Oracle anime had been licensed since before the Closed beta was even announced. How many of us new to the game watched it to familiarize yourself with the game's story?

Is it available for free or on Crunchyroll? If not, no, I have yet to do so.

Well, I watched it when it when the first episode rolled out.

@oldColdReactive said in How many of us watched Episode Oracle before Beta?:

Is it available for free or on Crunchyroll? If not, no, I have yet to do so.

It's available on Hulu with subtitles.

Was there ever a dub confirmed? Though usually I'm fine with subtitles as well. I've watched up to episode 11 or so on Funimation myself.

I have to appreciate how this anime is very much more darker in tone, not afraid to show some pretty gory stuff. I feel like it fits with the tone the first few episodes wanted to go with.

Just feels kinda strange to have yet another abridged version of ep1-3 when pso2 itself abridged it's ep1-3 storyline already, probably just me though.

@Berry , it wasn't dubbed, unfortunately. Its a subtitled simulcast release.

I watched some of it but I'd recommend waiting until you finish eps 1-3 in the game to watch it if you don't want to spoil any of the storyline

The opposite is also the same, playing the game spoils the anime. I don't think it's a bad thing to watch the anime first, it's less time consuming than watching all of episode 1-3 cutscenes, and leaves out enough things to enjoy them as new once you play it.

Playing devil's advocate, the anime does do many things different in adapting the game's story. Even those who were familiar with the game's story were surprised by the direction some plot elements took in comparison to the game. So while you would expect those events to play out, 'how' those events play out tends to be different.

I binge watched Oracle and I would totally wait and watch it in parts if you're going in the game brand new. It's a great anime too nevertheless.

Going to watch now ! Thank you for the heads up

Watched it . Still hate aflin in both version. Lol

I did. It's getting interesting again. I wish they had left the gore and violence they had during the first few episodes. Decapitations and all.