UQ boss isn't spawning and softlocks after abandoning quest (NGS)


But fortunately they have done a maintenance with some bug fixing... 3 people on 8 -> ez boss with no fight...

Update on this bug: I tried doing this boss 3-4 times yesterday. On all tries Pettas didn't spawn. Today, someone who didn't experience this bug shared me a few pso2 files and I replaced my files with them. Tried doing Pettas 20 minutes ago and lo and behold he's spawning for me again. Is this bug related to some sort of file corruption when I updated my game after maintenance?

This is happening to me too. It's weird, because for a while it worked fine. But starting yesterday and continuing on today, it seems to be a constant thing. And staying has become a risk now, because even if I tell people what's up and I run around playing faux healer with AOE resta, people call me an AFKer and talk about reporting. So, that's nice.

got this bug for the first time today

boss is invisible and uninteractable on my client only


For those that don't know. When the game updated for some services after maintenance Petta Vera's files were corrupted in a few services. A Full File Check (with the Tweaker) or Validating the integrity of the Files (with Steam) should fix the problem.

same problem, posted it too, 8th UQ this morning where i'm just here waiting for the fight to end and to finish pso2.exe with task manager.hoing everytime it's gona be working cuz it is for nex vera T_T

Well i tried the UQ yesterday 4 times, still happening the bug, my pc is a Monster tbh. made for streaming heavy games, so it seems some files got corrupted i guess.... So i reinstalled it over night and tried it today again.... Same issue as before.... getting loot when the fight is over but cant leave the Map, when quitting the game it still soft-locks in loading screen. So its definitly not fixxed =(

@Miku-APB Which service are you using and a file integrity check may be a better thing to do than just a reinstall.

Im using Steam version, i used with the Tweaker and without

@Miku-APB It seems that, a few weeks ago when this problem started, one of the download sources of the Steam database ended up with a corrupted version of the Pettas Vera UQ files.

Run the Tweaker, click on Troubleshooting, click on "Run a Full File Check." This should fix your problems.