(Error 640) Unable to connect with any ship after recent maintenance.

Playing on the Steam version of the game. Did some quick searches, and only found one thread with no solution. Would rather not reinstall my game. Any help?

  • I've already restarted Steam, no update.
  • Updated the game last night, it seems.


I had this issue, and I don't use Steam for this game.

Instead though, the message said to check the Windows Store for updates. There was roughly a 1.22GB update for the game that you could only get through the Windows Store.

@Raarsi as I said in my OP, I use the Steam (not the Microsoft Store) version of the game. Checking for updates on the Steam version resulted in nothing either.

It's a Windows 10 update issue I was getting the same error and the Microsoft store was not updating the game. But I fix it by updated to the latest Windows 10 update to Version 21H1 and now the store is updating the game again.

On the title screen in the bottom right corner, does it say you have version 7.0001.2?

trust me i have the same problem and @DarkIcyfox just fix for me !