Report option for RMT

It's only the Beta and the money farmers are out in force, would be really nice to have an option other than catching them when they are still near you to report them. The problem with it now is they pop the message then leave so there is no time to report them.

All you can do for now is get their username or PN Name, whatever shows up in chat and submit a ticket. This would be a nice feature, though. I know Final Fantasy XIV has this kind of option, but you can use it even if the person is no longer online or in the same area so long as their name appears in your chat log still.

It appears that this is still the case--there's not RMT category to report a player in-game. Just choose 'other' and type "RMT" in the comments section, I guess.

It would be nice to be able to right click their name in chat and have a menu pop-up with Report > RMT as a sub-menu, or something similar. I am a little surprised that there is not a RMT category to choose from though when reporting a player.

What does RMT stand for..?

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@KnightHarb1nger said in Report option for RMT:

What does RMT stand for..?

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RMT (Real Money Transactions) <- Hoooray interwebzseseses!! 🙀 😸

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It's still happening and it's quite the nuisance when you have two competing sites running bots in the same block within mere feet from each other.

I hope that NGS will have some sort of filter based on RegEx or perhaps a hacky form of r9k that permits callouts via chat but force-logs RMT Bots.

Consider this a bump. Really wish there were volunteer mods or something that can hit a few buttons and perma-ban the IPs or gamertags. I get a spammer could easily use a VPN or something but I'm getting really sick of the meseta seller spam in every lobby.

I made a post in another topic in GD but I've seen two types of bots:

One spams their website while sticking around for 10 seconds in every block. The next 10 seconds they slowly walk to the block switch room and bounce to another block. So for 20 seconds they spam each block.

The other type just stays indefinitely in one block spamming their meseta website every 1 to 4 minutes randomly. Really wish there were a hole in the ship you could push them out of. If not perma-deleting them then forcing a prompt that says "paste one message 5 times consecutively to perma-ban your account" LOL.

Yea, the Meseta seller bots have basically ruined the ARKS Lobby Chats - I basically hide them at this point because I don't want to keep staring at RMT websites with hidden keyloggers in them.