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OG Xbox One model consoles should never go beyond trilinear filters, because the options beyond that, affect objects out in the far distance, rather than what's within your draw distance. The older model of console, can't render anything like that, with as much detail to begin with, so all you are doing is bogging down your CPU unnecessarily. You won't notice much of a difference anyways. The One X might be able to handle anisotropic filtering at times four, but I again would recommend against going beyond that. The Series X, and S can handle whatever this game could throw at it, if its optimised to do so, as Forza Horizons latest installments E3 coverage has shown.

Really good to know! Thanks for sharing as I'm going to check my settings later today 🙂

@Rang-Dipkin Yeah, I edited and updated what you quoted for a more accurate response. But yeah. The OG Ones can render the anisotropic filtering, just not well with this particular game. The amount of detail that's thrown into all of the graphical textures overall, combined with some of the amazing lighting, and reflection detail, all of these things can and will affect performance. I'd Google what each setting is doing, so that you may better optimize your performance, and still maintain half decent graphical fidelity.

Basically figure out what you can or can't live without in this game, by fine tuning, and tweaking the settings to what your console is capable of handling. Should be the same with PC's as well. I believe in personalized balanced settings, because you can still enjoy the look of the game, while still getting decent fps.

@Kodiakmax yes I have and I'm still having this issue

@Anarchy-Marine again my stuff is at the lowest setting possible it has been filtered and everything I've literally tried everything before I came here I have the base xbox one I don't have any of the newest series of the Xbox🤔

Also I want to take the time and thank everybody who's trying their best to help me 🙂 it is much appreciated I guess it seriously comes down to the side to sega it because this is the only game I'm having an issue with for now I'll be playing other games until these issues are truly fixed I will continue to login to see if anything has changed within the next few days😣

@Arch-Angelvel I hope they get you fixed soon. Let us know how it works out. Good Luck! o7

Here's a update there was one thing I have forgot to do mention believe it or not I was using the new body from the Genesis when I remove that body my game started working so note to anybody who uses NGS body types Beware of the body it might be bugged you couldn't remove the base clothes from an either especially if it was the male type for all the people who came here to help me today thank you🤗 hope to see you in game

@Arch-Angelvel The base wear on the bodies is linked to each body type specifically, and had nothing to do with your issue. The body just switches based on the body related base wear you chose. If you were talking about losing your outer wear from PSO2, that outer wear is located in your characters inventory on base PSO2, and can't be seen in NGS, until you take it out of that inventory, and place it in your storage. I've also have had zero issue with the new body type.


So I don't know what's causing your issues. Hopefully a GM sees this, and relays it to a dev, who may have a better idea of what would cause that. I'm also playing on an OG, 2015 model, Fallout 4 edition Xbox One by the way. It's nothing fancy though, was just your standard 1tb console, with a sticker skin they gave people to place on the front of their consoles. It will be six years old come this november, and is by no means mint condition. So I'm really lost on how the body was breaking your game.

@Anarchy-Marine I hope they see this too so they can find out what really caused this issue but as I said when I remove that NGS body and restored to the regular PSO2 body my game started working I don't know what happened either but that was the thing that fixed it it was the last thing I thought of after I tried everything else but all and thank you for your response and your help👍 and may you continue helping others who may need it