Preview Inner Wear not working in AC Scratch Prize List, Cannot view Inner wear I purchased at Salon

I cannot preview Inner Wear at the prize list section or even when I'm purchasing from the personal shop. When I try to see what it looks like alone at the salon it's not working either. My inner wear will show properly though when I'm wearing it along with my base wear. I'm specifically referring to Male Inner wear for NGS. PSO 2 Inner wear shows just fine. Female Inner wear for PSO 2 and NGS show up just fine as well.

I was about to post the same topic. After some testing, it looks like NGS Male (Humanoid Type 1) bodies specifically are glitched and won't let you view or preview innerwear. The issue is not there for female or original PSO2 bodies.

That sucks. The only way to few the character's innerwear is to transfer to PSO2 and do it that way. I hope sega is aware of this glitch and fixes it soon. It sucks not seeing what the innerwear looks like.

Aw... server maintenance came and it's still not working. I wish I had a workaround. I can't find it anything on google. Any tips from anyone?

@Tetradotoxin Here's the workaround I posted in another thread since Sega STILL hasn't fixed the glitch:

Set Simple Graphics to Ultra, then manually adjust your graphics settings. You have to go into your settings and change it to Ultra every time you restart the game, even if you didn't change anything.

@beesushi Thanks! I'll give it a try. EDIT: it worked but only in the Salon. Unfortunately the preview screen still doesn't show it for me, but that's absolutely better than nothing!

Just bumping to say I'm also having this issue! Super frustrating. More details of my issue over on this thread, but in short innerwear preview works in the salon but not the scratch tickets for me.

Last maintenance fixed this for me.

After the latest maintenance, the problem no longer exists. I'm relieved that the bug has been fixed, now to go through the prize list 😃