Do urgent quests scale to number of players.

Do urgent quests scale to number of players or should we allways go in with a full party.

Earlier on the UQ I accepted from outside the region, and said matchmaking was ready ...but when I got transferred I was alone could guess how it would have gone. Had to forcibly close the game as I couldn't get out. Then tried again but in the region and luckily it didn't count as done and it actually made a real group with all the players as it should. I wonder what happened to make me go alone the first time.

Edit: the numbers of mobs was the same even if I was all alone on it. So at least for the numbers it didn't change. I killed a couple of the lowest one's but then I closed the game as it would be a huge waste of time doing it alone (and I doubt it should happen anyway).

I've heard that they do.