Client Order: Ranger Basics 101

This order is not completing no matter what level fang banshee or gwanada I defeat. Any other Rangers having issues with it?

Are you killing emergency code versions? Or the boss versions from the end of exploration/etc? I believe the game wants you to do the final boss variants.

There are two reasons I can think of. Do you remember the levels of Fang Banshee and Gwanada? They must be level 21 or higher, I believe. For the second point, your main class must be Ranger when you defeat them. The client order doesn't say these points clearly...

Anyway, if you defeat them in the hard difficulty of Time Attack quest "Running Maneuvers: Naverius I" (not II), they should count towards the client order. By taking the south route at the first cross road, you'll meet Gwanada. And taking the east route at the next branch, you'll meet Fang Banshee.