Outer layered armor bug

I have noticed that almost all of my alliance members have been having issues with what their characters look like in other players point of view, their characters would look different and would either be smaller or taller than what they originally made. so far we found that re equipping the outer layered armor fixes the issue however it reverts back to the deformed state for other players point of view once they teleport or load into a different zone. i have attached a sample picture of what my character looks like before and after we re equipped the layered armor on my alliance members perspective Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG

This is a big issue as one of the major selling points of the game is cosmetics and the ability to use your old fashion in NGS. Right now, we point it out whenever someone in my alliance is bugged, but having to reequip outerwear/outfits when you get the bug is annoying, not to mention, immersion-breaking.

@tute107 I agree one of the main reasons you would spend so much meseta and time grinding your cosmetics is so that other players see what amazing character you created but with this bug they may just think your doing a horrible job at making your character

I've found that if you have your OU wear saved to "Looks" it deforms the player character but if you don't have it saved and equip it manually then it doesn't do this. Definitely a big issue. Its not only OUs but Costume Outfits have this problem as well since it also acts as OU wear.

@TranquilLove81 oh, ill try that out hopefully it works aswell on our end

@TranquilLove81 havent tried it. Even if it doesnt deform character, it still can cause the skin color bug, but all you have to do is reequip the outerwear/outfit when people point out that you look like Casper the ghost. Still, it is completely disheartening that Sega is still silent about this, even though they know about it and fixed it in JP before NGS came out.