Chain reaction of issues I had tonight, all of which are fairly minor.

The reason I'm putting this thread here as opposed to somewhere else is because I can't make a support ticket, so this is the best place to put this. I'm having the following issues, and I know that many people have been affected by the bottom two ones.

  1. Game is freezing during loading after recent maint.
  2. Game DELETES EVERYTHING when you try to verify your files through steam (repair), for some reason it does this every time. Why? Who knows.
  3. Can't even report issues as a steam player, it just brings me to this page (

Any help / redirection would be appreciated. Thanks,


2 is likely due to steam having the launcher as their 'game install'.
Thus, when you verify using steam, steam sees the files as not supposed to be there and reverts it to a fresh install.
Which means the game launcher has to redownload everything.

This behavior can vary in severity depending on how up to date the version that steam has is.

It's an 81.9GB download, post update.