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Given the current story in new genesis, The protagonist ( Player) is somehow sent down from an unknown location in a drop-pod to the planet below known as 'HALPHA", There upon landing safely, The protagonist (PLayer) , Has no memory of the past and is know known as a "Meteorn".

So this all takes place 1000 Years after the adventures of Oracle? Well along the way there are things that , at least to me , Have somewhat of a resemblence to the charactrers of Base PSO2.

Crawford : Doesn't he seem to resemble XIao in some way? - Why isn't there any backstory on him? Thats what I would of liked to see.

Added , areas that I would of liked to have seen BEFORE the state that they are currently in now- One of those areas is Vanford Laboratory, Currently its Dilopadated, But would of liked to at least to see How it got to that point.

I also understand that there is some sort of DARK-FALZ involved in all of the dolls spawning in various locations, But I am suspicious - Someone is Manupilating the Dark falz power, Will we ever get to see who , Or what it may be at some point.?

Also, I really do not believe that CENTRAL CITY is the only area of Civilization, Surely there may be a Second or even a third city somewhere else on the map?

I am also suspicious of that Active Volcano that can be seen int he background, I sense that at some point we may have to venture into that area.

My theory is, similar to the end of episode 3 to the start of 4 when the PC has to "sleep cause of too much falz exposure" feeling there might have been a similar thing... but slight Futurama twist / incident and "Oops, 1000 years later." and we were basically dumped from the fleet passing by. Seeing as HALPHA has ARKs, it isn't too far fetched that they allowed their own to start colonizing local planets to establish a more wide connection in case someone decided to go snooping... which has been a theme in PS since PSII, someone goes snooping and oh, hey Dark Falz are back. Stop Poking around for things in the dark!

Crawford does have a Xlao feel, could be a decedent, but also, something feels off about him - not the could be a good guy photoner hiding amongst the mortals, but I feel the current reasons for the Falz return might be due to him.

I feel that the DOLLS and Falz are connected as well; like Mr/Ms SnoopySnooping (possibly former ARKs member sponsored by Crawford) found bits of the fragments that just kinda lingered about and used them on locals/wild life to bring form this new and improved creepers created in the labs as well (both locations, one is in the wetlands area a bit north)

If you have finished the current story, you'll know what is happening and where we are going (Wont give spoilers out) - which feels similar to PSO2 - I have a theory that past ARKs cause of Luther (they hated him, but praised his work and still used his research and tech) and maybe a few ambitious ARKs probably use the fleet and "pieced" together HALPHA from scratch, basically taking from the other planets - either from samples, to tearing chunks massive chunks out and HALPHA is bit of Frankenstein Planet fueled by the power of Falz. Which in return, was housed in the Labs, and bad things happened causing them to be in ruins.

I have a feeling we will see a few characters from PSO2 in some form, either old records, or a certain handful of CASTs living in exile cause of some shady deals when we napped.

Interesting, vanford Laboratory that could of Housed the DArk falz power like luther tried to do with Xion?... Hmmm - You may not be far off. Still ,Your are also right, Crawford may be hiding something else, Like the architect did from Subnautica 2. Oh wow!.. this is going to get very interesting!

@Sakesubaki said in More questions than Answers -:

Interesting, vanford Laboratory that could of Housed the DArk falz power like luther tried to do with Xion?... Hmmm - You may not be far off. Still ,Your are also right, Crawford may be hiding something else, Like the architect did from Subnautica 2. Oh wow!.. this is going to get very interesting!

As well, given the story theme, seems a bit off (not in plot; but that key members (so far two) were targeted solely by the DOLLS. And these weren't just the run of the mill DOLLS either, in the intro quest line, wasn't just a big bad, but a damn armada sent for a small fishing port? Seems like over kill as well very suspect. I feel that massive group was solely intended for Garoa - as detailed on the site, one of five of the most powerful ARKs members. And he seemingly was holding them off rather easily and we the player were just damage control in sense to make sure there were as many survivors as possible, until big bad proved to a damn nuke and obliterated not just the town, but reshaped a large chunk of the region.

I have a feeling Dark Falz evolved. It is no longer the mindless all consuming force of destruction it has been since PSII (outside of the named ones with titles) - I feel they are all collected and calculating now, and possibly (in anime themes) all ranked based on their skills and powers, giving those forsaken by burden or death (sorry Aina there is too much foreshadowing happening - she is gonna, maybe be a baddy) increased power and rank among them. Not to just destroy, but reshape a universe in absolute darkness (similar to PSIIII side plot). I doubt we'll see Shiva again, but given the design of the two forms of the Primordial/Profound Darkness fight in EP6 - "T'was merely a set back." And we'll truly see their real form "This is not even my final form." And have a feeling it is gonna be connected to how the DOLLs look.

Wow, Well since the inception of Phantasy VI ( Sega Genesis) The end of millineum , Dark falz had a antagonist that was merely using as a puppet, and I feel that at the end of this game The dark falz represented itself in a form more acceptable to those who confront it, I agree soley that It may at some point show its true form, I doubt that it's Just Dark Falz itslef, Each of them have some central Power core, that they use soley as a means to materialize and even futher they used it to enhance themselves, just where are these power cores coming from?

Given the fact that a Dark Falz Needs a Host in order to materialize, I think that the dolls themselves are merely facades.

Re: Crawford.

I've used the Japanese voices, and I noticed Crawford has the same voice as Xiao