Ship loading infinite vortex

After creating a character or using an existing one, when ever i try to login to any of the ships the purple vortex is just never ending, its been running for 5 mins now and i have reinstalled the game twice. I thought this might be an issue due to me being from Oceania but i don't know. and when ever i try to close the game it just crashes. The chat box in the bottom right also only appears for a short period of time (like half a second) then disappears whenever i try enter a ship. This happens of all of Feoh, Ur, Thorn and Ansur.

Hmm. Pretty sure the game is supposed to be in maintenance right now, although usually the ships don't even let you enter when that is the case.

@Photon_Cat yeah about 20mins after i posted this the servers went onto maintenance but what i'm talking about was happening the day befor as well.

im having this same issue and havent been able to figure out how to fix it

i like how steam thinks iv played this game for 2 hours when its just me trying to get into the game sadge

Same with me. Can enter the ship, choose my character and then the vortex just never ends. Played the game before on ,y notebook. Now on my new PC and it just never ends. Need to close the game via task manager. Dont know how to fix it. Updated the game, updated Win 10 pro, evrything..... that really sucks!