Advice for Urgent Quests that require accumulating points!

Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong but, I found that a lot of people I was playing with kept clumping together and hardly moving around the map. I found that spreading out to try and trigger Emergency Quests to be the most effective. Then you gravitate to those events and spread evenly between however many there are. Also people who give up make it harder for the ones who stay. With 5 minutes remaining, I was left to fend for myself and I made it with 20 seconds to spare.

TL;DR: Divide and Conquer!

I personally like to stay in a group, and trigger Emergencies together, that way we can take it out faster together and move onto another together. Spreading out means more running around, plus it means less EXP since everyone has their own little groups to fight against as they move around the map.. But that's how I feel on it

Divide and Conquer works fine for players who are partied together, but multi-parties don't share that benefit.

Yea I can see where that is a problem, and I'll try my best to comply to what the group is doing. I guess I was in a multiparty that spent too much time farming the little yellow triangles on the map in one corner instead of exploring for EQs.