[NGS] Expanding the Chat Filter

  1. A checklist of which chats you can toggle on and off (General chat, Party, Alliance, Whisper, Group). Also, if you block a Symbol Art, that Symbol Art should be treated as if you have the current Symbol Art option turned off to eliminate the clutter of empty white chat bubbles on a person's screen. If it doesn't already, have blocked Symbol Arts unable to be in one's History list.

  2. A toggle feature to turn stamps on and off, with the same options as the first suggestion to filter spam.

  3. A toggle to turn cut-ins on and off.

I also submitted the filter option, but you have even more features that I also agree

Stamps take too much room in the chat log, I would prefer to at least only see them in chat bubbles, like Symbol arts are.

And cut-ins too have been rather congesting, especially when people do not practice good Auto-chat etiquette. I like auto chat for the flavor it adds, and utility of being able to see "oh hey, that person just went down, and auto chat made it clear" but some people would have it, and was extremely terrible in classic PSO2 when "rare" drops were all the time. While the option disabled the chat spam some of the time, it still didn't work for NPCs who are part of an emergency or friend avatars you invite.

@Katilist I quite liked in pso2 I set up 3 begin missions that, using the text commands, swapped to one of 3 battle outfits when loading into a mission.
And 3 end of mission ones that swapped to one of 3 in town outfit sets.

I didn't happen to see a begin mission one for pso2 ngs, likely due to the change in how we access stuff via the open world now.