I don't know what I did to get this fate, but literally the only area respawning any resources whatsoever is Central Aelio.

No resources are spawning whatsoever in any other area for the past 4 days. Meanwhile, two to three other people in my alliance are reporting the same problem. Zero Respawns for minerals, vegetables, or fruits.

I was not able to complete last days mineral gathering in South Aelio, as there were no mineral spawns whatsoever. I spent an hour running around waiting for the white marker to show something while I ran to all of the usual mineral locations.

The only reason I could complete today's vegetable is that I never spent much time in west aelio except for a few mineral spawns.

Sega, please fix this issue.

Things I've done: "Oh just make sure you're logged in at (so and so) time, and it'll respawn." I did that, no respawns. "Did you change blocks?" yes. "Did you relogg to make sure?" yes. "Did you check for invisible ores?" yes.