Fix the Crash to Desktop please.

Game quits responding randomly and eventually crashes to desktop at least once a day. fix it. now?

Can attest to this personally, PSO2 NGS's game client will usually crash when trying to switch between the base game and back.

I think it's a bug.

Never did that, its just a random crash.

Happens to me quit a lot, just freezes randomly and then crashes to desktop. Occurs most often during the UQ 😕

Not sure it was the same thing, but something similar happened to me anyway just now, I whacked a mineral for my daily and my game suddenly froze, I thought it was the old "lag on level up" issue but my game just hardlocked for a minute+ and I had to manually force close it.

Hi everyone!

Please be sure to report these issues via the support tab and the option to "submit a request" once you log in.

Thank you!