The NGS camera -

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

Close. Medium. Far. Close. Medium. Far.

Can I just have the big boss wide angle all the time, please? And if I can't, can I have it all the time anyway?

There are a few settings that you can change to, Unfornately - they are only options either a birds eye view, or from either of your flanks. I just wish there was another settings that wasn't so dis-orienting, Or some sort of control for the camera that wasn't all over the place.

This just in, the camera still blows. Big shocker...

Take heart, the difficulty in poorly designed action games (RE: all of them) comes from getting backstabbed by enemies you can't see (hence the multiple tough enemies spawning to gangrape you, not to mention those dolts (fitting name) spawning out of view and reach to shoot you) and animation locks. If you hold your breath waiting for innovation, you'll end up dead.

SO , in spite of all this - New Genesis is still pretty good and yet, It seems to me that Maybe they rushed this out as soon as they could. Sounds all too familiar , Like they did with Dragon Ball Super ( What a dissapointment.)