Pariah-Chan’s Treasure Shop Catalogue!


Hey everyone! Since NGS release, Fresh Finds has been replaced by a Treasure Shop!

It’s all completely random, but you can find some really interesting stuff for sale in it! This post is to catalog all the cool stuff everyone finds in it, so let us see what you find! ❤


Since I can’t afford the Rappy pack, one of the coolest things I found in the Treasure Shop so far was this Rappy Beak! It even moves when you talk! ❤

I keep forgetting to check the Treasure Shop X__x I hope I don't miss anything I may have wanted.

I’ve been checking it everyday, it’s pretty random, so I’ve been seeing anything from old FUN stuff to gathering drinks. XD

Wish I had something interesting to show, but it’s not had anything new for me in it yet

I haven't checked myself because I keep forgetting about doing it, but does anyone know if the stuff in the Treasure Shop is shared between different characters? Like, will they have the same list and if I buy something, will it be available for the other character too?

I haven’t checked that, but if that’s possible having multiple characters would definitely help find better stuff! 🙂


I hit the jackpot on Treasure Shop today! 🐴

Seems like the prices for everything ranges from:

500k - FUN stuff

800k - Rare stuff

1mil - Emotes

Plz correct me if you find any difference! 🙂

Hey everyone! Been kinda busy hunting Gigantix lately and, well, not finding new things in the treasure shop to show to be honest. XD

But here’s the newest thing I’ve found so far:



A lot of stuff they offer is FUN reruns, so I’m not too keen n keeping track of old stuff. XD

I wish Creator's Emblem would show up in Treasure Shop.

It's going to be a pain for camo collectors since we can't use N-SG Recycle Badges in base PSO2.

So this only encourages the thought that PSO2 might someday be sunset and the camos might be rehashed for NGS models.

Would be cool if Tylor replica showed up here. but I doubt it . w.

I check everyday hoping for miracles. 🤞

I saw the pet emote for 1mil yesterday so if anyone missed you should check it for your chance to get it.

@Weirdo it’s instanced, so everyone sees different items. That’s why I made this post, to catalog all the items a person could find from the treasure shop! ;3

I know just saying that you can find it if you don't have it and to keep checking if you need it still.