Weapon camos, accessories and others do not load textures correctly unless you log into "old pso2"

Before entering the "old pso2":Captura de tela 2021-06-15 181402.png After entering the "old pso2":Captura de tela 2021-06-15 181701.pngAnother example: unknown.png

seriously that no one is going through this?

I'm experiencing it too. I normally have to set my graphics settings to high before logging into NGS and then re-adjust them to what they were before. Highly annoying tbh. I noticed that I also get the lower resolution textures in base PSO2 when previewing certain outfits (ie. Lovebloom Lyric overwear)

This is why I always log in to base PSO2 first so I never have to see the texture issue.

I'm getting it too.

I get the same bug, so I made it routine to login on the PSO2 side first, then switch to NGS. (I also poke the Treasure Shop and check my Personal Shop while over there too)