Post final mission grind, experiences to date.

@ZeeHero9271 I remember coming back to the ff series and I couldn’t take the convolution of the whole gameplay aspect. Agreed pso as a whole is great. My post wasn’t meant to be a complaint, more leaning towards am I experiencing a bug? The main quest line really pushes you through lvls then the grind starts hard into the last levels. just had to hear some other experiences and see what other thought.

I dont know which FF game you're talking about but in 14 theres almost too much hand holding unless you are brand new to mmos

I like the grind in NGS much better than vanilla PSO2. Even open exploration didn't cut it somehow. But now I could go on for more than an hour without realizing it.

The problems with room cap causing party members to get left behind, as well as the teleportationi N-MST bug needs to be fixed asap, though. As well as the "gather party members" feature. As it stands now, I feel more like playing a beta or early-access/kickstart game due to all these bugs and rough UX.

But then again PSO2 is known for having bad UX. So I'm not holding my breadth over that.

@kztm actually it’s been addressed and fixed take a look here at the patch notes down on bug fixes link text I ran around with 1Mil+ teleported multiple times and changes blocks, even went to pso2 blocks not a n-ms missing. I dealt with that lag for the first week then just hard wired my Xbox to the modem and unbridged my WiFi network from the router. I’m getting 600kbps no packet loss with Comcast. With graphics focus settings all the way up minus fur rendering, clouds , blur, reflections, and 20 max character display. Water anywhere is going to bog you down I still get less frames in those areas but no 2 seconds of enemies standing still or other players teleporting 30 feet at a time.

It's enjoyable to me. Sometimes I just chill at the lake or town. Sometimes I pick a section of the map and farm resources. Sometimes i'm farming level 2 zones for inhereted bonuses on 4* weapons. Trying out the different classes and weapons as I do. I'm not in any rush because there is no rush and I like it.

Base I felt pushed to be on as often as I could to catch UQ's and farm limited time things for events. I enjoy the more relaxed pace. Considering we have level 2 zones I assume farming PSE bursts is going to be a mainstay for a thing to do content wise for awhile. Which i'm alright with. But I hope they add more to the farming experience besides PSE bursts to give us some variety eventually. I'm perfectly content with it now.

But I don't think it'll sustain me for several years. PSO2 barely kept me along for a year despite jamming 8 years of content in.

@kztm its definitely a bit more challenging than vanilla from even low levels. I like how the enemies are designed to give ranged classes more of a challenge too.

Some grinding could get boring in vanilla, like advanced quest with a group? became a snorefest cuz of how easy it ended up.

@blvcksh33p Yeah they definitely improved the server performance vastly. We still get lag spikes here and there during US peak hours, but infrequently enough that I would rate it "acceptable". But of course, an online game needs to have consistent and persistent good performance as a baseline, so it's only "acceptable", not "good".

Now I just hope they get the social aspects implemented. Gathering members to my room needs to work, and the server needs to know to automatically push me into a new room when my current room wouldn't fit all of my party. And there are other things, such as:

  1. Waypoints need to be displayed for the whole party.
  2. Extra effort should be made to ensure players within the same party are syncced over longer distances, so that when we're on a mining run, for example, my friends (or I) won't appear to be teleporting just because we've got some distance between us.
  3. Bad UX: when putting things up to sell from Material Storage, I have to go select Material Storage again for every single one of my items. The UI should remember my last used storage and sorting order until I exit the storage manipulation, just like how a filter keyword remains in the filter bar. Many clicks can be saved.
  4. Bad UX: when putting things up to sell, it's reasonable to assume most people would want to check for the going market prices. So the UI should automatically do the checking and open in a side window the results. Many clicks can be saved. Server stress is no excuse becuase I'm going to do it anyways, so forcing me to do it manually isn't going to reduce any stress on the server.
  5. Bad UX: it's not apparent how, or whether we can at all, to form an 5-8 player alliance party for UQs, and have the system fill in any empty slots automatically.
  6. Bad UX: they call themselves "Global", but the game actively blocks non-ASCII chat, even in private channels like tells, parties and alliances. We can type non-English characters now into the chat bar, which is an improvement over vanilla PSO2-NA, but the server ignores the text complete when we send it. When you put in a hard censor on all non-ASCII characters, you can't call yourselves a "global" service.
  7. Bad UX: obvious translations errors like "Floating Pillbox Multirock". Should be "multilock". This is very minor but obviously the translations aren't being reviewed properly. (I'm a translator by profession, with a lot of work involving software localization, so I know many scenarios under which these kind of errors would slip through to production.)

I'm sure I can find more examples of bad UX, but I'll stop here.

PSO2:NGS is not yet where it should be as a commercially released product, because it has so many rough edges, it feels like a beta/early access/kickstart project, just on an enormously huge scale.

But I'm still on Premium because it is hard to work during a pandemic, and I have respect for people who can keep a development operation going at a time like this (and 2020, obviously). I'm just saying that the endgame grind experience still has a lot to improve, and I hope these rough edges aren't still here in 2025.

@kztm totally agree on all those points. Multilock… that makes so much more sense, I wondered what the hell that could be lol. My theory is they trimmed the fat on pso2 graphically to make room for an expansion. I stopped playing for about 8 months, then came back to play NGS. When I finally transferred to a pso2 block the polish was gone even on high settings from what I can remember. This doesn’t really bother me, only part I’d rather have back is when In a group of people or a party seeing their attacks or bodies consistently. The radius for player rendering seems wonky. Free is free tho.

a game being free to play is no excuse for it being of terrible quality/poorly supported.

Free to play games are not free, they are a way to make money. they only work by allowing someone to play without paying but encouraging them to pay money for things.

The only acceptable way to do this is to make the game be fun enough that they WANT to buy things in it with real money, without making them feel forced to, if thats the case there are a number of sub based games they would have far more fun playing for the same money.

@ZeeHero9271 I understand where you’re coming from. You’re still playing aren’t you? It’s not all bad with a decent setup and great internet

I'm not complaining about poor performance and lag with that comment, I'm just making a statement about Free to Play in general.

The lag is not nearly as bad, mostly gone, however FPS drops and stutter persists, despite their own benchmark saying it shouldn't have any with my settings.

Once the client has actually been optimized should be fine.