Post final mission grind, experiences to date.

I finished off the final mission at around lvl 15 GU/10HU (roughly) and have been playing roughly 8 hours a day since release. (Luv me some pso..) most always solo I’m curious to know everyone’s experiences at the post grind to lvl 20. I’m at lvl 18 now and lemme tell you, feels like OG GameCube pso2 style grind. Serrrriiiooouuusss grind. I haven’t seen many enemies my level. A few 17 but most tops 15. Is there info on how spawns work with this open world ? Maybe I’m missing something. I’ve heard people playing around you influence the spawns, or at least boss health pool. Cannot confirm. Soo let’s see what you’ve experienced.

I'm 45 hours in and I just hit 20 on my second class. It's 100% a grind.

Funny thing is people kept saying they wanted old PSO back. They got the grind of old PSO and now they don't want it. Hell some won't even acknowledge that the grind is the same(it is).

working on 20 for my second class, it's a hell if a grind but I really like it. It's nice to turn my brain off for a bit & spam a few attacks, or even actually practice the other classes a bit to see what play style I like most. Currently leveling Te with Gu sub to maximize exp gain, swapping between wand, rifle, and tmg to get a feel for the weapons. It's a blast

Totally I love it also. Perhaps the pso2 that came to the US spoiled me too much I forgot the slow creep. like leveling to get a RATI MAG . Lol or never playing online on gc and getting leveled past 100.. ohh the hours

This is one of those few games where "the grind" is actually part of why I enjoy it.

I feel less like I'm grinding and more like I'm enjoying a long walk in the woods.

Mines like a crackhead with TMG’s that can fly

So far I have Gu at 15, Te at 18 (almost 19) and Fo at 20. I have played all seven days since launch to find that this is not much of a grind. I have been playing casually and recording my experience and without using much in the way of boosts either. However, if you tell me that the grind is in getting materials, meseta, and enough fodder to bring the weapons you want to +40 and with max level potentials as well as 4 star units up, then i'll agree with you.

I remember MMOs of the early to mid 2000 where leveling a single level in the mid-level range would take a whole week along with completing a difficult party-based quest to break through the level cap. This was back when games had subscription fees as the only model and developers did everything possible to slow down the experience and maximize the grind in order to collect fees. I still remember when raising a single class cap in those early games would take 3 - 6 months and then another 3 - 6 months to get endgame gear....just to have a patch undo your work and force you to start on the gear treadmill again for the next area in the game.

I haven't even hit 20 on my main yet, but as long as it doesn't gate me out of any content, I don't particularly care.

If they keep this kind of pattern up in future patches, where you only need to be (roughly) level cap - 5 to access everything and the last 5 levels are essentially just "bonus lap" that gets you some extra stats / makes you need to grind less once the next patch comes out, I'm all for it.

@Policroma-Sol said in Post final mission grind, experiences to date.:

This is one of those few games where "the grind" is actually part of why I enjoy it.

I feel less like I'm grinding and more like I'm enjoying a long walk in the woods.

Yeh thats it I just find it fun (they kept and improved on that feel yay). I find the exploration zones fun too (with respawn).

Also after LV20 you get an N-Ex Cube per level (which as far as I know dont have a use yet but will later).

@Zeke Nostalgia is a dangerous thing. it blinds people to the facts every time.

There's something oddly therapeutic to the grind in NGS for me, and I think a lot of it stems from reminding me what XP camps were like back in Final Fantasy XI. Going to a specific zone, grouping up with a small group of players, and just murdering things around you for several hours for one or two levels just clicks with me.

I think that's why NGS is clicking so well for me, it's essentially a modernized version of Final Fantasy XI. The emphasis on open world, un-instanced, progression, that slow progression through the story by means of growing stronger to tackle the higher ranked missions, joining a group and farming enemies outside, rather than running through a dungeon, heavy emphasis on exploring an open world to find hidden nooks and crannies, these are all the things I wanted from XIV 1.0 had the game, you know, actually worked as a functioning video game.

I know it's not for everyone, but for me personally I'm glad they took the approach they did with the game. I do wish it stayed in the oven longer so we had more than a single region to explore at launch, but I'm not so naive to understand why that wasn't really a feasible option for Sega given how PSO2 had come to and end. So for what we have now, I'm content with having a solid taste of what the game is likely going to develop into.

It's funny, Sega gave me a modernized version of PSO with PSO2, and now they've given me a modernized version of XI with NGS. It's a nice change of pace to see a developer try something different, rather than just cut another piece of WoW's cheese by creating another, slightly different or flashier, clone.

@Blade-Syphon Funny you say modernized pso with pso2 I totally agree. Even more so PSO2:NG is really a revamp of pso1and 2 . You’ve got the exploration areas- most similar to central control area, with many of the same monsters likeness included. Bujin is a sinow beat from the mines, Daitl is olga flow, crag bear- hildebear from the forest, Ard banser/Ard banshee- savage wolf/barbarous wolf, Chiacurio- chaos sorcerer…Alters are just like the falz infected variants. list goes on. an obviously all of the games have similarities but this feels like ep 1 and 2. The nostalgia hit me pretty hard.


That's actually a neat little comparison that I never really thought to look at. While I don't totally agree it's a revamp of PSO Episode 1 and 2 thematically, it does borrow a lot of elements that I didn't notice until you pointed out.

Especially the Diatl one. I don't know why my brain didn't register that he's a dead ringer for Olga Flow, other than me not spending much time with Episode 2 during all the years I played PSO.

@Blade-Syphon those are just a few, those big belly enemies are gibbles, mechanical fist shooter is a grantz, and I think the flying stingray mech is a Volt ops with wings. The lizards are ill gils, two legged red guys are epsilon’s. honestly by the looks of the far off locked out regions I’ve scoped out while gliding from the tallest spires One being a snow covered mountain will probably turn out to be a volcano and we will get a caves area with a de ro le variant then the spaceship in the sky is prob the VR spaceship. I could totally be way off but who are we kidding here they don’t stray too far from story lines here, look at how many times we’ve fought dark falz

Well in pso2 at least grinding mobs is FUN. unlike in most other old school games.

FFXI can suck it, a great example of "good for its time" still being trash.