Introduction to Force Video Guide

Hey, it's been a little while since I've posted any content on here as I didn't want to annoy anyone, but I figured I should toss up my lastest vid which goes over the Force. I've seen a lot of people asking around about force, and there aren't even many written guides for it, so I decided to go back to making class introductions. This isn't a full guide whatsoever, I just wanted to outline what you should probably know when picking up the class.

Force Basics Video

@Blac It is to my knowledge that you aren't necessarily that well versed in what exactly to get for Forces based off what I Saw in your video for the force tree. I could better clarify for you or better direct you so that you don't mislead more people.! Here the best Force/Techter Skill Tree right now for PSO2 NA Open beta.

Techter.png Force.png

@Shachao The reason I did it the way I did was because, for a while players Tech-ATK on NA will be on average, thousands less than what we are used to on JP. Therefor what I was suggesting would be worth it. I did however neglect to give good reasoning behind lightning and am going to redo the skill tree video to further explain what to expect in the future instead of dealing more with the present. I had good intentions but i'd rather not lead someone down the wrong path due to not wanting to go into further detail.

Thank you for offering to help, I have really liked your Force videos so I know you mean well. However this one is on me and I'll made sure to do it right next time.

Id urge anyone looking at this to follow the Trees above with the elements of their choice.

@Shachao are the Talis Tech Bonus and Tali’s Fast throw worth taking ?