816 Suspended - Process

I just installed PSO2 NG on a new computer, played for about 5 minutes, then was banned. I've purchased from the AC shop and already put in about 25 hours. I was banned at around 11:30am CST. I've placed a ticket, tweeted, and requested an update on my ticket with nothing yet. I will keep this thread updated so we can get a good estimate of how long it takes to get this issue fixed.

Have you checked with your bank or credit provider to see if they withheld the purchase? A lot of ppl has been banned over that. 😕

@Pariah-Chan I actually made the purchase a few days ago, it was through steam which I spend money through anyway so I don't think that's it. But I did install the game on a new computer and a different network. I was having issues trying to purchase from the player shop so I kept logging off and back in, after the 3rd time I got the ban message.

That might have caused it, check with steam and see if the purchase went thru

@Pariah-Chan Yea I did... purchase went through fine. I saw in some older posts logging out and back in too many times could cause it.

Just an update I was banned on 6/15/21 at 11:30am CST. I just received an update on my ticket saying that they are investigating.