REcruiting Player ! join our alliance Excaliburnus Templus !

The Excaliburnus Templus [PC] is a Asian time zone based PSO 2 Genesis Clan . International members are also encouraged to join. Our Clan are more focused in free style playing and just a have fun clan to play with friends . We use the Discord app for community chat. Our Clan pretty Anime geek , so those waifu master tier list , otakus that have a thousand good manga recommendations , RE:zero lover , user w Anime avatar , Having Edgy Avatar w Berserker theme and Anime user are very welcome . We are accepting new Members ! Join us as waifu !

**We're currently looking for more new member ! simple and fresh **


  • Free for all
  • You need to be 18+ ( lower is okay but the admin need to check you first )
  • Fluent in English
  • Good will

What we offer:

  • Helpful staff
  • Friendly people
  • Fresh new community
  • Small clan
  • a new advanture , we are also learning from the game ! Lets learn together

If interested to join , just PM me in discord or join our Discord ~! ❤

Links to join :


You should probably tell people what ship you're on.