[NGS] Unable to complete the daily quest (combat zone 2lvl)

Why did you tie the daily quest update to the storyline? I completed the story quest with 1120GS. The next day, I get a daily quest to kill mobs in a level 2 combat zone. You can get there only with 1184GS. This has been happening over the past two days. Because of this, I was unable to complete the weekly quest (On the daily quests) and I think my progression as a whole will slow down a lot over the next week.

In my opinion, this is a game design mistake. At least I considered it necessary to voice it.

@Sigreal z a rank 2 zone is tied to your level you just click on the teleporter of the zones that have them and you can switch from rank 1- rank 2

@Drakaina I know how to change the zone. I have a daily quest there, but I can't get there because I don't have enough GS. This is exactly the problem - Why give a daily quest that I cannot complete?

@Sigreal sadly that's how it is sometimes