Undelivered AC

Bought the $100 package yesterday, money came out of my bank account but it hasn't been delivered in game. Contacted Microsoft support and their only two options were to request a refund or contact tech support here. Any help would be appreciated

@iliveanddie said in Undelivered AC:

Contacted Microsoft support

Did you contact PSO2 support instead via Support > Contact Us at the top of this web page?

Since it was a Microsoft Store purchase, did you check the Visiphone under Campaign Items? I'm not sure how AC is delivered on NA, but other MS Store purchases seemm to be delivered through the Visiphone.

@Ragnawind AC and SG purchases through the MS store go directly into their respective currency slots.

After purchasing it and returning to the game, a tiny message pops up saying "xxxx AC/SG purchased" and then the currency amount is automatically adjusted.

The packs go to the Visiphone first, but direct currency purchases do not.

I can conform when you buy AC you can literally be in game playing amd it instantly goes to your character . Not even a second delay. (Bought AC for additional skill lay outs and to get my inventory to 150). Was gonna buy more for a additional auxiliary and skill sets for other classes. But being really annoyed by lack of ability to chat and recieve/send party invites.