Some skills should have been free/level based or just active by default

Which was the case during the CBT.Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis_2021.06.15-05.42.png

Hunter for example, which has the worst of it, should have had the top two of that right corner of skills just active by default without needing any skill points, while the other 2 just be free and level based. Freeing up 4 points this way still leaves hunter with decisions on where to put the remaining. The slow fall charge particularly was a QoL thing hunter needed throughout PSO2 but never got. During the CBT, Omnidirectional guard and Slow landing charge were just a thing that was, and it should have stayed that way.

Then you have the other classes, some of which actually arent so bad since they dont have many skills to chose from in the first place, such as gunner.Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis_2021.06.15-05.43.png Even tho theres just about more than enough skill points for this class, the top left corner of skills are really QoL items that no one in their right mind would not take. I'm sure some would love to play devils advocate to that, but its really going to make gunner a pain in the ass to play without those skills. They're no brainers, and also makes them a sort of false sense of choice. These skills should just be in effect and not even displayed on the skill tree, or need skill points to activate them and be based on your level. PSO2 has a lof of such skills, some of which have been made to be just the way these should be in NGS.

Of the classes, I would say Hunter, Fighter, Force, and Techer have it the worst with having skills that need skill points that should really just be a thing by default.

"Cognitive Behavioral Therapy"? Is that a Sailor Moon skill? A skill within a skill?


I totally agree with this. In my opinion there is so much irony in multi-weapons and sub classing at this stage in the game because the benefits are so narrow and highly specific.

Twin Machine Guns without Chain Trigger is like being sold a toy without batteries. Hunter weapons without slow fall and omnidirectional blocking is laughably useless in boss fights. When picking certain sub classes its like you can just forget about a number of skill points because your weapon isn't functional without them.

For my Hunter I subbed Gunner and went for 20 points of PP cost reduction and I haven't changed sub classes yet. I haven't found the benefits of using another class's weapons at -10% power and without beneficial main class skills on top of using entirely different attack stats in 2/3rds of cases, worthwhile.

To be fair I do occasionally whip out Twin Machine Guns on bosses, but I feel like its only because of an unintended game design flaw and I feel cheesy when I do it. Targeting up high weakpoints on some enemies is often difficult for melee weapons other than Wired Lance. Ranged Weapons can nail weakpoints mercilessly while running in every direction.