Xbox series s and possibly x bug with graphics option screen space reflection in NGS

I noticed today that the xbox client of NGS may have a bug where if you turn on the graphics option "Screen space reflection" on that after awhile your screen may flicker at random to black flashes and if you stand still and rotate camera your screen may go entirely black.

I have all options turned on to max settings on my series s on a 1080p TV except the following which are off

Screen edge darkening - off

Blur - off (personal preference never was a fan of blur)

Last time I replicated this bug was when I teleported to central city and the screen was black. Turning off screen space reflection instantly restored the screen.

An update on this it might be something else as I was just sitting in central city today and the screen went black.

I could still see the names and alliance names above player's heads, but nothing else. Could still bring up the UI menu and teleport to different regions but even then screen would be black.

For now I went back to balanced graphics settings in the hope this problem won't reoccur.

Apparently balanced graphics settings, the default graphics settings, doesn't stop the screen flickering to black either.

It happened today in central city.