How do people feel about the changes to the UQ System?

Theirs been a few changes to how UQs work, firstly they now scale to the number of players running them, which means you can run them solo, or with small groups of friends or in a full room. Even though it does scale they are still pretty hard solo, the Pettas UQ taking somewhere between 10-18mins solo depending on your gear and skill level. I think this is a really good change has people can play how they want, and in the long term when we have older UQs that less people will be interested in running you will still be able to run them without needing to get a full room.

Has far hasn I can tell theirs no gear that’s exclusively locked behind UQs , which I think is a big improvement and allows people to farm for their gear on their own schedules. But what they’ve done instead is made it that once you hit the level cap UQs are going to be your main way of leveling and getting your class cubes. Once you hit 20 all the xp you get from level 15 mobs is awful and the only higher level enemies atm are the ones found in UQs, you can still do your weeklies and daily’s to level but the majority is going to be coming from UQs.

Even though I would of liked to be able to continue to level normally I think this is a good middle ground, between making UQs worthwhile to run, without massively locking your progress behind them.

They're good boosts of exp. At least the Dragon is. Can't stand the other guy.

I miss party beacons. 😞

Also, why can't I form a party after joining the UQ during the setup time? Why does it need to be done beforehand?