Twin daggers are one again...meh (so far). Thoughts?

Fighters are great. AWESOME, actually.

But twin daggers...i dunno. Was immediately unimpressed.

Being that they were the absolute worst weapons in PSO2, I was hoping they would regain their past glory.

Nope....Whatcha'll think?

IMHO The approach to twin daggers just needs a total overhaul, its like they were desperately trying to keep to the concept (while going NUTS with wired lance, wtf wow wat) but cant help making it a totally in your face style with no substance, while leaving you wicked open to damage.

Again these are first impressions, but literally everything else is pretty good if not great, except for these...yikes.

Personally, the Twin Daggers were my favorite Fighter weapon even in the original Phantasy Star Online 2. In the right context, you were given the ability to dodge/parry anything, sustain your height so you can keep up with enemies, and rip enemies apart by constantly attacking, dodging, and spin-dodging. It was always about aerial movement and being mobile even in the air.

In New Genesis, this has been given a spin to have much more of a Luster-like feel and Etoile-like feel in that once you utilize Skip Arts you can chain your attacks together so you can use your Skip Attacks to get to the fourth normal attack (two successive different photon arts will result in your third normal attack skipping to the fourth attack which is a spin-slash upwards). Height control is now a non-issue without needing two separate photon arts, all photon arts lead to the new equivalent of the Phantom's Quick Cut and Luster's Quick Slash, and unlike other classes that have animation locks in their movements you have much more freedom to immediately parry-teleport and counter-attack enemies.

If you really liked the Hero and Luster for their speed in Phantasy Star Online 2 the Fighter and the Gunner are the closest you can get to their speed and control. I personally like the Twin Daggers for their sheer speed and ability to weave in and out of enemy attacks without worrying too much about your positioning and timing.

There were other weapons but i didn't even bother testing them before i went for the only option: knuckles. Finally i can use them while not being too limited/slow/clumsy with less reach than a newborn baby while looking stupid with the ridiculous hopping. The ludicrous proportions of the knuckles doesn't matter either, since i just stealth them. Lo and behold, you can even put your hand into a fist and punch the enemies instead of poking them with your fingers.

Yeah, i think PSO2 knuckles were a bad joke.

Twin Daggers are the best weapon design in NGS. Worst weapons are Talis and Launcher. Bad weapons are Partisan, Double Saber (damage is all behind the start of a single PA), Force and Rifle.

Man, Twin Daggers are what made me say "Wait a minute ok, this game is a lot funner than i thought it was gonna be" that weapon and launchers. Currently focusing on this two but I just got a T3 saber and that seems solid but mehhh.

@Herald-of-Zenchi said in Twin daggers are one again...meh (so far). Thoughts?:

Twin Daggers are the best weapon design in NGS. Worst weapons are Talis and Launcher. Bad weapons are Partisan, Double Saber (damage is all behind the start of a single PA), Force and Rifle.

Talis can be really, really good with proper PP management (Force's class skill, basically.) It can fire off one of the best AoEs in the game and deal significant single-target DPS. Tricky Capacitor is really hard-hitting as well. With the weapon action adding to your DPS, you can actually mow down enemies faster than Fighter can in the right circumstances.

Launcher currently has the highest single-target DPS PA in the game. (Fear Eraser) and the best PP recovery through the weapon action. (The thing literally just straight up refills your bar to full from empty.)

Partisan is the second strongest Hunter weapon (First being Sword) and it doesn't miss first place by much. Once you have the skill points put into it, it becomes a fast-hitting AoE charge attacker with amazing burst damage through Volkraptor.

Double Saber has great DPS if you can keep the whirlwind going. It also has one of the best gap-closers in the game.

Rifle is the best ranged weapon in the game currently. I don't honestly know why you're saying it's bad. It has what is hands-down the best AoE PA in the game currently and the fastest firing normal attack for PP recovery. It's also one of the most mobile weapons as well.

Pretty sure Twin Daggers are one of the strongest weapons in NGS so far. They're also the only melee weapon in the game with vertical tracking

The only real weakness seems to be their lack of AoE, and I can see how the game's current state leads people to believe they're weak. Almost every situation outside of Urgent quests calls for a large amount of AoE.