NGS No Response From Server Error 630

Having a very strange connection issue.

I've been playing PSO2 Classic on a character and am trying to swap back to NGS to play that for a bit, but instead I'm getting a connection error from the NGS server. This is not a network issue on my end. Everything else works perfectly and I can connect on any other character except this one. What on earth is happening?

Dealing with same thing.

The games are barely tethered together, it’s safer to switch between both by logging out first

I am having the same issue, I cannot go from NGS to PSO2. Logging out does not work either. Not sure what is going on. I would like to get on PSO2 so I can get some cosmetics put in my stash for my NGS guy.

@Mistermafia2889 @Xuzaldir Found the solution; you cannot have anything equipped from PSO2 if you try to log into NGS, outfit-wise. You need to be wearing your base NGS outfit or base PSO2 outfit, otherwise it won't let you log in. Fucking bizarre, but that's the solution. Same going the other way.

It looks like this issue might have been fixed tho, from my limited testing.