What do you think of the class balance?

Do you all think the classes in NGS are balanced at the moment, or do you think some need nerfs/buffs? I'd like to see peoples opinion on this.

Nothing really that jarring yet to even think about buffs or nerfs. Since there relatively is no BiS meta and BiS meta sub class it is all based on each individual and their playstyle and how it works with and adapts to different situations.

I.E: Fo/Gu is pretty much endless PP and PA and tech spams same with Fi/Gu (or Gu/Fo, Gu/Fi, Fo/Fi and Fi/Fo) - just never-ending PP and PA/TA being spammed, but doesn't hit nearly as hard as the other combs I've seen. As well the hardest hitting are often Te/Ra, Te/Fo but they lack survivability. Where Hu/Ra not the hardest hitter, they can absolutly take a lot of punishment and survive nearly anything with proper CD management.

The combos are many, but as well limited, not enough to really see what is OP or UP let alone deserving the discussion of buffs/nerfs yet. Possibly after The Gunblade/Luster type class gets finally introduced then it might, just might be up to debate then when more people are testing the combos of Br/, /Br, Bo/, /Bo, Su/ and /Su.

@Viola-Lance The level cap and skill point increases coming with bouncer might also influence things.

@Hatsodoom IMO its a lot better than in PSO2. Tho, I would say force needs a bit of extra charge tech damage. Fo/Hu rod doesnt seem to be keeping up with the damage I can do as Hu/Fo sword. But it seems they want to be more for boss stunning by hitting elemental weakness. Well and dandy, but if they ever introduce time limited solo content again (hope they dont) it will fall behind a lot.

I never been a big enough party to test out Resta Force, but I feel like it is getting nerfed.

Resta force is pretty good. But Its not as strong as pso2 Resta. It's finite in a boss fight, and the field is only active for a couple of seconds. If you don't drop it right on your group , they might not run into it, and thus, not get healed. I don't really see a reason to nerf it, admittedly though, I also don't see a reason to buff it, it feels pretty good as is. I would argue to make it work like shifta/deband that being in a party would just heal your party members without being in the field, but I feel at that point, it would be a little too OP.

I've started maining Hunter and honestly, it's a bit of a pain to defend yourself. The Charge Parry has been reversed and I for the life of me, cannot reverse the "charge right before the enemy hits you" mentality. That and PA canceling has become inconsistent. Block to cancel with sword but dodge with partisan? I'm never gonna be able to swap that in the heat of the moment.

Hunter's Warcry isn't really useful since boss attacks go after everyone. Maybe it can be good against minibosses, but it's not useful at all in alerts or mobbing.

The sword counterattack is nice with the iframes it gives. I agree that the charge parry is odd, and I normally block or dodge instead. Ranged is easymode compared to any of the melee classes since it's easier to constantly hit the weak points without fear of getting hit back.

@Ouzbel1753 said in What do you think of the class balance?:

Hunter's Warcry isn't really useful since boss attacks go after everyone. Maybe it can be good against minibosses, but it's not useful at all in alerts or mobbing.

Both Pretta Vera and Nex Vera do go after the person with the top aggro, but currently the gap between a level 20 with a +40 weapon and a level 15 Hunter with a +30 or lower weapon is to large from Warcry to make up for.

Less on class and more on weapons I guess but it feels kinda not great that most melee weapons don't have a good way to gain or adjust height without stopping attacking to fall, go into photon dash and single/double jump to get back up. Combine that with so many bosses with weak points high off the ground, it shoehorns multiweapon-ing wirelance as the only(?) way to fix it.

@A-European-Polecat Daityls, Orungs, Pettas Vera and Nex Aelio/Vera all have low to the ground target points with low Down requirements. Hu, Fi and Te are supposed to target those low points to down (i.e. stun) enemies and exposed the weakpoints while Ra, Gu and Fo are supposed to target the higher up breakable parts to weaken them.