Red crates not giving the right loot

As far as I know, every player has the chance to gather a red crate once per character and the loot will always be the same, correct? One of my friends found a red crate that gave him a rare armor and I went to check out that same crate. When I destroyed it,I got 10k N-Meseta. I checked a online guide to see the loot of that red crate, and it also says it is supposed to give a rare armor, but I didn't get one. My friend got a Qual De Armor: Belta, and the website I checked also says I am supposed to receive it. I am 100% I was not full when I got that red crate, and I also know that it is the correct crate. Is there a way for me to get that same rare armor?

I have been destroying red crates all over Aelio and only found 10SG and 10k N-Mesetas. I get rare armor pieces from doing PSE Bursts in multiple areas.

I destroyed the crate earlier today, but then I just went across it again and it was there. I don't know what happened. There are some red crates that give armors, but I think there are only 3 of them