Phantoma - Ship 3 Recruiting: Closed

We're a relaxed, chill alliance on Ship 3 (Thorn) ready and open to bringing in more to our gang of folks. Preferably 18+ we're set up and ready to have some fun together questing and generally just being goofballs. Voice comms aren't required but encouraged when you party up and the like. Take a look in game and apply or drop a message on XAnjelusX on XBL. We are open to PC players of course and yes we have Discord! - ~Anj (xAnjelusX/Revelry Rose)

Have fun, stay safe, wash your hands! o/

Recruiting opened all the way back up, welcome to our PC brethren, we are babck up and running on all cylinders and taking in new members, and yes we have Discord! Pop by say Hi -

Getting some good growth, as we get people in we'll start sending out regular groups to do all the things 🦆

Still some room left, remember to be safe and wash your hands! ♥

Providing a much needed bump. Been gaming with this crew for years. If you found my posts helpful, you can find more helpful people in Phantoma.

Only 18 Slots left, we're building up a good gang, starting to roll out on parties and enjoying various shenanigans 🐱

Recruiting is closed, we're full! See you all out there ARKS ❤