Ac Purchase

So i have Purchased AC from steam and still don't know wether i will get it or not. Transaction ID: 4148359261865694653 Purchased: Jun 14 @ 1:15am 500AC Exchange Ticket - £3.32 | View in inventory 1000AC Exchange Ticket - £6.66 | View in inventory

Subtotal £16.64 Tax £3.33 Total £19.97 this was my first. here is the proof and still nothing.. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis 1000AC Exchange Ticket (2) 500AC Exchange Ticket

so what i can do even if i send a ticket for the customer service i highly doubt they will respond . feels like a scam to me...they taking money but the don't give what you buy.

i yesterday buy 3000AC until now my NGS acc AC still 0