NGS suggestions.

All of these suggestions are on a per ship basis.

First off as far as resources. Ores should respawn daily per ship. Fruits and other food related stuff should respawn 2 times a day minimum in my opinion. This would allow people to have a decent supply of food items stocked up while keeping progression in check at a steady pace.

Second Daily, Weekly, and other limited time quests should be on a per ship basis. For people who have characters on multiple ships having only one set of quests is very bad and severely limits people and makes it harder to do anything. I can understand limiting it so that alt farming for meseta isnt a thing but that should be limited to ships since we cant freely switch between ships on a whim.

These are the current ideas a fair bit of other people and myself have come to the consensus on. We understand the want for limiting things but currently things are a bit too restricted and feel a bit bad. Not being able to complete dailies because of resources not respawning at a set pacing is always a bad thing and having daily and weekly quests account based is really bad for players who have friends on different ships.

I have a colab suggestion I am myself along with others who created alliances such as .hack//g.u and .hack//sign would love to see this added and done in NGS I myself have gone thru the process of creating my version of Haseo my all time favorite in the series and would love to have his voice and his weps and clothes this would make us the fans very happy I know you guys can do it cause the company that owns SAO is the same that owns .hack 🙂 so please talk it over with your team and the company that owns SAO which is BANDAI and see if they can agree that with how PSO2 is now with NGS he would make a great even awesome addition to the game and maybe do a little story like you did with kirito on how he got there