Communication with the server was interrupted

Trying to log in to PSO2 (not NGS) but keep getting a "Communication with the server was interrupted. Returning to title screen." message.

hello experiencing the same thing, and when I manage to log back in it gets super laggy:(

@sYnthYte it happends to me exactly the same, did you find any solution?

Getting the same error, completely fine getting into NGS but can't get into OG PSO2 (Communication with the server was interrupted. Returning to title screen.)

However when I play on a hotspot I'm able to get onto both NGS and PSO2.

what ship are you on

@XS_OverLord I am playing on Ship 3

going through the same issue... apparently its a small percentage of people since this is the only post i see about it. all of us should tweet this issue to get it known to more people and they may be able to fix it.

I still can't play PSO2 with my character and this thread hasn't gotten any kind of a response from anyone in charge. I know it's a free game but I've spent plenty of money on it and I can't access any of the stuff I bought. Getting frustrated.

Try switching your network profile to private instead of public. Fixed it for me.

@DarkLordTAKu I don't see any settings on my Xbox or in PSO2 for a network profile...

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Alright, so I found a solution (at least for me) through the PSO Fleet Discord

For anyone having this problem, try to log on NGS and put EVERYTHING from your inventory into storage EXCEPT equipped items.

If it's not equipped, it goes into storage, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Afterwards try to log onto the Classic Block again

Hope this helps you guys get back into PSO2: Classic as well 🙂

I found that if you have saved looks, switching between one of them and then using a teleporter to go into classic pso2 usually works too, still this needs a solution because it gets pretty annoying.

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