NGS 2: a realm reborn

just wipe the board and start fresh. y'all already f*cked up beyond repair.

You do know how much money Global brings Sega right? Ya NGS ain't dying or going anywhere.

@Zeke itll be dead pretty quick if they dont actually invest in proper server infrastructure. if it makes so much money why cant they afford servers?

Idk a lot of people still seem to be playing. Not to mention we have a maintenance tomorrow that will likely fix a lot.

Same stuff people said on pso2 PC launch and that was worse than this. A solidified base isn't going to leave over lag. They've been through literally worse.

@Zeke maybe the core base will play through the lag, but general consumers, particularly fighting game players, have options with functional online so thats where the money is going to go. I was going to play NGS (I am not a F2P player) but I spent $100 on Guilty Gear Strive instead because it yaknow has a functional online. Like what a concept.


They already know about the issues and are working to fix them. It's all posted on the NGS website.

What exactly is your point here? Just seems like you're trying to start trouble with drama above all else.

Either way I'm done biting.

@ENERSHA420 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are all already aware of the issues that the game is currently having and the team is doing its best to fix everything at the moment, we just gonna be needing your patience and understanding about it. Additionally, with any new issues feel free to reach us, instead of making multiple threads that might cause hostility to the forums. For now, I will be closing this thread. Thank you.