Gathering respawns? Really Sega? Really??

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@Miraglyth saying something unknown is accusatory?

Depending on context, yes. The act of describing something - that previously nobody had any reason to think of as possible - as unknown implies there was a reason to think it was possible.

Despite prompting you've yet to explain why you're presenting it as a possibility beyond the lack of airtight proof to the contrary. I could just as easily say "it's unknown if being premium halves the resource respawn rate" and it'd be just as misleading.

I'll ask again: Do you have any reason to have considered it was possible? Did you read anything claiming it?

Gathering mats should respawn when daily reset happens.

We shouldn't be penalized for gathering when we want to. We shouldn't wait to do it for dailies' sake.

What is there to gain from this? Why is this a thing?

If the respawns only really happen if your on at reset then that sucks for me cuz it resets at 4am and I’m not getting up every night just to have that happen, if that’s when it’s supposed to happen then it shouldn’t matter if your on or not

I have trees and mineral nodes that haven't respawned since Day 1. I'd at least expect the Daily Gathering task to be do-able each day, but alas, I've been unable to do 3 different days now because I could only find 5 to 6 of the required 10 items, and yes, I tracked the task to highlight the resources. Revisiting multiple times each day doesn't seem to help, either.

@Cristiano-Cenizo same here, hopefully, ima tag @GM-Deynger maybe just maybe you all can read over all of these and let the devs know how we all are feeling about this

Did nobody play test the respawn timers before release? It's quite ridiculous that players are losing out on dailies and the like because the game won't perform its intended function.

@Onyx-Grimoire o they did, and the devs did respond, let me find it for you

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This was all that was said

Hmm. They honestly must have hired a Blizzard GM to pull that statement off.