Items not appearing in inventory after "receiving" rare item drop notification

Ive noticed this issue twice where in Resol Forest I will receive a notification of a rare drop, however the item is no where to be found. It is just missing from my character inventory, checking storage doesn't yield any results as well. Not sure if this is related to the mesta bug or something where the server isnt registering the item drop. Given that this has happened twice and that I was consciously aware of it both times because i received the notification im not sure if this has happened with lesser valued items as well though i suspect that it is.

Not sure if others are facing this issue as well and my own data pool is relatively small. I wasnt level 15 pre maintenance so im not sure if this was happening pre or is a post patch bug. Im interested to hear if others have noticed this.

Maybe your Inventory was full. check your personal storage as items you "loose" on the field are transported to the storage