Does Sega actually answer support tickets?

I've been waiting for over a day for the Steam DLC purchase (Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - Start Dash Rappy Pack) to show up in my account.

After looking through the discussion board here and on Steam, I see that there's a 24-hour wait time. I'm still waiting, and I haven't received an answer to my ticket.

Does anyone know how long this usually takes?

@Bleeeeh You know there was minor release, just recently, to PSO2... it's called ALL of NGS!

Support may be a tiny bit busy, if you could imagine.

@FANtasyStarOnline Useless information, I'm asking how long it takes and that needs a number. Keep the catty spam in general forums.

I haven’t heard any successful response anyone has got, but I believe those are supposed to be kept private

Any luck? @Bleeeeh Waiting for a ticket myself. Wish they made it more clear on how tthey respond to them.

Nothing from them yet. If you're a Steam user, just push a refund and cite that you haven't received your purchase. If you purchased directly from Sega, just chargeback if they haven't met a reasonable delivery window.

72 hours is more than enough.

Chargebacks of course result in bans. I won't be doing business here when it's resolved, so no big deal here. But don't play those legal games via Steam or Epic Games if you have games on those platforms.

I made one for a bug. Been waiting for a reply of some kind myself. It's frustrating glad you got your money back.