NGS: Gathering Resource Respawns

So I don't even know if this IS a bug, but I feel like it has to be at this point. Most of my gathering locations have not respawned since day one. I wasn't able to complete the fruit gathering daily quest yesterday (the fruit didn't appear on the trees at all, but I could walk up and gather from the bottom of 3 trees but no others in the entire area, even after logging out and switching blocks many times), and I can't complete the mining gathering daily quest today. The areas that are supposed to have a lot of mining materials (the cave in South Aelio that leads to Mt. Magnus for a cocoon, and the cliff in North Aelio that a datapod tells you about for example) have only respawned 1 or 2 nodes at best in a day. I feel like this is probably a bug because of how long its been since items haven't respawned.

If its not a bug, this is extremely poor game design. It basically punishes players for exploring before they're told to go gather specific materials with EXP loss (and potentially meseta if the weekly for daily completions can't be done), and additionally screws them out of not being able to upgrade 4-star gear if they used materials to upgrade other gear. I did upgrade 3-star gear, and I felt like I needed to do that so I could get my Battle Power high enough to participate in later content. Now I can't gather enough materials to unlock on the potential on the 4-star knuckles I found.

EDIT: I feel like I should specify that I am playing on the steam version.

Playing on MS store version, haven't gotten a photon chunk in 3 days now, wasn't able to complete lobsters, only got 8/10, was able to complete trees but I didn't gather all the trees on launch so I'm assuming they were always there.

Seeing as emergency maintenance rendered most player shop items posted before the maintenance useless and bugged, I don't see why the maintenances couldn't have destroyed resource spawn times either. Praying for a fix, my 4* sitting on 2nd potential is making me very sad and not want to play or buy premium.

@Magoo There are more nodes in other areas in same region... some players don't search beyond the ones they found. Most don't know about spawns being 24 hours as well.

Now there are few bugs that deals with the server lag and instance traffic. This cause spawning to not to visually appear if one just passing by and not waiting for the load. The focus task sometimes helps with them loading. Longer you wait by a node that has been gather 24 hours before. A new spawn will appear if the server lag doesn't prevents it.

Next real maintenance they likely fix most of these issue.