Talis/Rod Multiweapon

I really like the Talis in NGS compared to it's Pso2 counterpart. But I feel like combining a Rod/Talis or Talis/Rod is kinda defeating the purpose. My Rod is +40, and my talis is only +12. But the talis does far less damage per hit than my rod when deployed. It seemingly shoots techs out far faster when deployed and strangely, the PP regen feels far better than the rod. But I could easily fill two or three slots just setting up different configs for my rod to match most fights. Combine Talis and it's weapon skill and PA's to that and you kinda negate the whole reason to use a multi weapon anyways, You'ld still be swapping to get the proper set-up you need. Especially as a Techer/Force combo, if you want to use talis, might as well use Talis since you'll get the main class damage bonus as opposed to rod. Admittedly though, I want to mess with a Talis/Rod combo, I'ld like to see if I can use the talis to fling spells like I do with the rod, and just have the rod weapon art for the guard with the elemental bullet skill while getting the main class weapon bonus. But if the Talis is just inherently weaker the Rod, then I wouldn't want to bother. Has anyone else experimented with this?

Also, can anyone tell me if the "Tricky Capacitor" skill is worth taking for Talis if I do swap to using Talis primarily?


Posting the below link here as coldreactive answered a lot of these questions there for anyone interested.