Stupidest game design

It's hilarious how they designed for mining nodes to not respawn, then give a daily quest to mine things that have never respawned ever.

@Star-Platinum They respawn, it's just a slow rate. There's already plenty of topics on this.

I usually just avoid gathering in case there is going to be an upcoming daily for it.

Yup it is a stupid mechanic that they other looked. Third day in a row i can't complete my dailies because of gathering

@Ryoga said in Stupidest game design:

I usually just avoid gathering in case there is going to be an upcoming daily for it.

It's the sad truth that this is how we must play the game in order to actually get things done.

I'm just glad nobody has actually tried defending this design decision or I think a good number of us would have lost our collective marbles on them.

Items do respawn it appears, but for some idiotic reason resources respawn times are literally 36-72 hours long. This makes absolutely no sense when there a daily gathering quest. There basically punishing players for gathering all the nodes in one or two days.

I don't mind the long respawn times to prevent players from maxing gear in a day or two, but who ever the moron is that thought a 72 hour respawn time for items that are needed to complete a daily was a good idea. Well this individual clearly shouldn't work in any position requiring more than 2 brain cells to complete a task.

An the worst part about this system is the whole thingis fucking account bound. So if you play on multiple servers for some reason you actually gimping your ability to progress on your alt server sense you gathered all the matz on your main server already.

They can take far longer than 72 hours. I still have nodes I mined/gathered day 1 that haven't respawned. Today's mining quest has made that painfully clear.

Example: I know there are mining nodes on Mt Piccolt - my brother literally gathered a few today alongside me. The only time I was here was day 1 to do the cocoon and tower yet the entire mountain is bare for me. We even waited around a minute to see if it was just lag/rendering causing the issue. Veggies seem to have respawned, yet fruit and mining nodes are completely non-existant.