Keep losing 20kish

When I am in the field lvling and my inventory is full I use the convert to meseta and multiple times like 4 times and I get back to town I am missing like 20k . Is that a bug ro does anyone know what the fuck is going on please help

Yep, using convert to cash while grinding in the field then either levelling up or teleporting to town will erase the meseta you've earned from the sale and from grinding.

I lost 100k in total yesterday and now have to wait til Weeklies reset to progress my character further. Who knows how much I lost before I started noticing. You have to send the excess items to storage and then sell it in town. What a bug!

Are both of you using PSO2(that were then converted to NGS) characters? I'm still unable to reproduce this bug on my NGS character. I guess I want to confirm a theory I have that SEGA messed up with the conversion process.

@Miranda People don't know the exact cause we just know it a bug. I had this happen to me once, but I've used this feature far more than once. So in general it just best to avoid the convert to meseta directly from inventory mechanic until this issue gets fixed.