Edit Models Separately does not work

I have unticked the 'sync models' options in settings. Then I edited the pso2 and NGS bodies separately. I also tested the changes in the salon by swapping between NGS and pso2 costumes, it worked fine and I used a salon pass to apply the changes (using an NGS body + pso2 head at this point).

However, the next time I went into salon and tried equipping the pso2 body, it looked nothing like what I modified last time. Could this mean the model desync wasn't working properly?

Even if it's functioning as intended, I feel it would be a better idea to let players save separate sliders for every model (pso2, ngs, cast, humanoid, type 1 & 2) in one go so we don't have to burn salon passes every time we wanted to switch things up a little.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? Please let me know if there are other ways of doing separate sliders, much appreciated.

the same happens to me):

I believe I had something like this happen....

I decided to fine tune my character and change the models seperatly. After changing the setting, and going through both models making changes I saved both to a file to reload, and to my character with the ngs model selected.

The changes went through to the ngs model, but I noticed later that the changes to the old model hadn't. I had to go back in, tried loading the file I saved and it didn't have the old model changes I'd done. I had to redo them, and saved to my character with an old model fashion selected, and it stuck that time.

I had to use 2 seperate salon passes because it didn't save both at the same time, only the one where I had that model's fashion active.

Same happened to me. Gave the NGS body as good a look as possible, and when I switched to the pso2 body, she was redonkulous. After tweaking the pso2 body back to where I want it, after unticking the sync bodies option, the ngs body has become a twig.